Why Should You Start Journaling Your Thoughts

Regular writing can help you learn how to communicate and process complex ideas effectively. More than remembering many occasions, you can also write your experiences and this can help you process them because going back to it can show you just how you solved your problems then and provide you with useful bits of information you never realized you were capable of doing.

This is becoming a lost art because people are now saving most of their documents on their phones. But some of the most influential people have been people who wrote their thoughts in a journal. Those journals became permanent records of their thoughts which eventually were useful when they wanted to publish them as books. Here are some of the ways a journal can be useful to you over the long run.

Remembering Good Things

One of the more useful benefits of keeping a journal is the fact that you can come back to it a year after and remember that you were in that position and were undergoing those emotions and experiences a year ago.

In a way, you will be amazed at how you matured for one year, and this can be very encouraging, especially when you are at your lowest point at that moment. If you’re unsure of how to create a journaling habit, here are some helpful tips.

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It is Healthy

Writing can also do wonders for your health. Journaling can promote your mental health and overall wellbeing. It helps to improve awareness about depression or anxiety, process emotions, and complex thoughts in a healthy way. 

Journal keeping can also provide people with traumatic or stressful experiences in their lives to work on how to heal themselves. The key here is not so much what happened then, but also focus on what you were actually thinking and feeling as opposed to what emotions flooded your being at that time.

Plus, writing is an effective way to create a healthy eating plan and lose weight faster. By writing down everything you eat, you raise awareness of your eating habits.

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A Pat on the Back

Another advantage of keeping a journal is the cathartic release that comes with consistent and regular writing. This is the reason why some people who have started writing their diary early in life, become matured early in life too.

The reason seems to be that when they pour out their emotions on paper, they are able to heal themselves as time elapses and as they look at what they have written after some time has elapsed. They are able to pat themselves on the back as they read the account of how they were able to pass through that difficult challenge in their life.

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Set Your Goals

As you write the goals you’ve set which took a long time to materialize, you will have that time to analyze what went wrong and how else to redeem yourself from it. Having your goals on paper has a different effect than just thinking about them because you can reinforce those ideas and act on them once you see that you missed out on something.

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Your Legacy

The journal can also be a good legacy to one’s children because it contains your thoughts, goals in life, hurdles in life, and a thousand other thoughts that your children can go back in time and recall specific incidents and how you saw it through at the end of the day. Your children can also get to know something about your character that they have not known until that day when they get hold of your journal.

So what do you think about journaling? Have you experienced the positive effects of journaling on your mental health and wellbeing? If you have any questions, write them below and I will be happy to help you.

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