Eat Right and Start Losing Weight

Do not ban any foods from your weight loss plan, especially the ones you like. Banning foods will only make you crave them more.

A lot of women today are starving themselves to be more like Barbie. Let’s face it, we are living in a world with the standards “Thin is in”. Several blogs and studies already showed and stated that starving yourself to lose weight is bad and unhealthy, but why do women still choose to do it?

The unwillingness to learn the proper way of eating and the laziness that comes with ignoring the presence of food rather than preparing healthy meals for the day contributes a lot to bad eating habits. Do not starve yourself. Learn how to eat right and start losing weight.

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Set a Target Weight

You gained an extra few pounds over the holiday, and you want to get rid of that acquired fat by instantly starving yourself before the summer. At one point you must stop at a certain weight right? Set a target weight and focus on that. Do not go below your ideal weight, it is unhealthy and bad for you. In this part, it is better to consult a professional trainer or a dietitian on which food is best for you.

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Research on Healthy and Easy to Make Meals

If you can’t afford to get a professional trainer or dietitian for you, do your own research. Research on meals and snacks you can prepare in under 5-10 minutes. Usually, these are meals with high fiber content and low-carb diets. We know this takes time, but believe us, this is better than starving yourself.

Plan Ahead

So you have a target weight, you’ve done your research. It’s time to plan ahead. Make a weekly and daily meal plan showing the meals you are to prepare for the day. This part is exciting. Introduce new meals and make variations, so it won’t be a boring week for you. There are several websites where you may download weekly meal plans, but we suggest you personalize it based on what’s available and easy for you to do.

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Practice Snacking

Yes! You heard it right. Snacking or nibbling all throughout the day is good for you. Snacking increases your metabolism. Just be sure not to snack on large amounts. Snacking even when you don’t feel hungry allows your body not to feel the need for large food quantities, which is a result of overeating. Be sure to choose the snacks you’ll eat for the day. This includes slices of fruits, vegetable sticks, or anything natural.

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Write What You Bite

Journaling can help you raise awareness of your eating habits. Studies show that taking notes of everything you eat helps you lose weight faster. Buy a journal, track it online, or download phone applications that help you track the food you take. Be detailed in your notes and list your experiences with the certain kinds of food you take. Writing what you bite is also an effective way to also discover what eating plans work best for you.

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