In Memory of My Mother

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The transition from this world to other worlds is still a mystery…

In this article, I describe my amazing mystical experience of contact with the soul of my mother before she left this physical world.

The day before my mother passed away, I was sitting in front of my laptop. I felt sad because I haven’t seen my mother for three days after my last visit. She broke her leg and could not walk. This was the second time she broke her leg a year after the first. She did not speak and was sleeping most of the time. She almost stopped eating. I tried to feed her, but she could not swallow the soup I made for her. 

I felt sad and helpless the last time I visited her. I shouted “Mama” in her ear and she answered “mmm” without opening her eyes. I repeated “Mama” again and she answered “mmm” again. She could hear me but could not open her eyes and speak. My brother said that her condition was similar to that before a coma.

When I was leaving, I kissed her forehead.  I said goodbye to her, as I felt that saw her for the last time. It was a strange feeling…

Farewell of my Mother

That evening I was sitting alone in front of my laptop. Gradually, I felt a light sweet scent that enveloped me from all sides. I couldn’t understand where the smell was coming from. Somehow, I felt my mother’s presence next to me. I started talking to her, asking for forgiveness for the pain I might have caused her.

The next morning I was told that my dear mother had passed away. I didn’t feel anything. Like a robot, I got dressed and went to my brother’s house. The house was filled with people, mostly my mater’s relatives who had come from the north. I entered my mother’s room and felt a sweet scent enveloping the room. I recognized this smell, it was the same smell that I had felt the day before at home.

Later I realized that my mother came to me that evening to say goodbye. Yes, it was so much like her. She did it because she loved and cared for me so much. She didn’t tell me this, but I felt it without words. 

All I wanted at that moment and in the following days was to be alone with my grief and with the thoughts of my mother.

Farewell, my love

Forty Days Later

It was about the fortieth day after my mother passed away. It was late evening when I heard a strange sound outside. It was a plaintive cry similar to a kitten’s meow. I came over the window to look outside, but it was already too dark. The sound was coming from the branches of a nearby tree. I figured it might be a bat (I never hear it’s sound), because the birds should have been asleep at this late hour. 

Suddenly I saw on the branches of a tree a creature that looked like a bat or a bird, which was making this strange sound. Several times she flew up to the window, near which I stood, flapping white wings, which I could see well in the dark, and screamed piteously. Then I thought it was a bird. I thought she had a nest on a tree branch and she tried to scare away our cat, which was sitting on the windowsill.

Then my inner voice told me that my mother’s soul had come to say goodbye to me. I spoke to her from the window. “My beloved mother. We are fine. Please don’t worry about us. I miss you”. The bird flew up to our window several times and screamed for some time. I stood by the window and talked to my mother. I told my son, who was sitting next to me, about this, but he did not believe it. 

I have never seen this mysterious bird with its plaintive cry again…

The more I think about it, the more I believe that my mother’s soul in the form of a bird or bat flew to me to say the farewell words of mother’s love before her eternal journey into other dimensions. 

In memory of my Mother